Rewards and Recognition

At PRADOT – REWARDS & RECOGNITION aims at strategically designing ways to compensate employees for their efforts and contribution towards the organisation. Workforce today is more articulate about their needs. Employees desire the best of everything – competitive salaries, comfortable & aspirational lifestyles, job security, career enhancement options, work-life balance, and so on. Competition for talent is ever increasing and at PRADOT we have well-defined strategies and innovative ways of motivating employees by engaging their hearts and minds.

These practices at PRADOT motivate employees to give their personal best and promote the feeling of working together as a TEAM.

Few of our best REWARDING programs include:

  • Quarterly Performance Awards
  • Consistence Performance Awards
  • Spot Awards
  • HR Awards for excellence
  • Annual Awards for excellence etc..

Christmas 2015

img-3Who says Christmas is celebrated only by Christians? One of the delightful festival that brings all Pradotians together is Christmas celebrations. Teamwise X-Mas tree decoration was conducted since it has a distinctive significance in this festival. The Christmas tree was adorned with beautifully wrapped gifts, ribbons and attractive items. Secret Santa game was also conducted to share gifts that made the occasion more memorable. More Info Christmas 2015

Thanksgiving celebrations

image001Thanksgiving Day is traditionally a day for families and friends to get together for a special meal. On this occasion here at Pradot® –India Offices, HR Team conducted the event called “POTLUCK” (where each person or group of people contributes a dish of food prepared by the person, to be shared among their teams) there wasn’t Turkey Chicken in the meal menu but we managed it with Indian Chicken. Here are the pictures of food event and the Yummy Indian Food. More Info Thanksgiving celebrations