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  • All employees sign confidentiality agreements
  • Access to software via password control
  • HIPAA awareness programs run on the floor


  • Pradot® Technologies Private Limited is a member of NASSCOM – National Association of Software and Service Companies.


At Pradot®, our customers are our business partners. Relationships with our client’s mean everything. For most of our clients Pradot® stands for QUALITY, TIME and better ROI. We deliver results and we do not say it aloud but our clients do.

  • “We have been using GroupOne / Pradot® for over 8 years now. We regulary talk with other physicians in our area who are frustrated with their billing company because of the lack of attention they receive and poor reimbursement. These are not problems that we are familiar with. We are amazed at how wonderfully GroupOne has performed for us in high percentage collecting and how they constantly keep us informed of changes in the industry and help us stay on top of critical items within our practice. Their staff gives us rockstar treatment even when we are stressed and take it out on them and they have come through for us every time. Each of those frustrated physicians that come to us asking about what we do for billing and hosting…we always refer them to GroupOne / Pradot®.”Aaron Velie,
    Practice Manager, Perry Family Medicine
  • “We have been very happy since our switch to GroupOne. Not only do we get eClinicalWorks EHR with our monthly fee but they are aggressive with claims and get our bills paid. We get timely reports every month to help us keep on track with our charges. I like knowing somebody is looking over my charges for me and the employees are pleasant to work with.”Dr. Dana Tavaniello,
    Sunshine Pediatrics