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  • In India, Pradot® has a dedicated facility to employ personnel in different shifts and are highly scalable in nature.
  • We have deployed a web based workflow module for production purpose in managed Data Center which will allow homebased Transcriptionist to access via secured client VPN link.
  • We have two dedicated InternetLeased Line Links from different ISPs, as a Primaryand backup link, which gives us complete redundancy.
  • We have redundant AC with redundant UPS and Power backup (DG) for the Data Centre and the entire office.
  • Pradot® OS platform is predominantly in Windows with Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 and 8 for the desktops. We have been certified by NASSCOM for best licensing practices and we use all licensed software which are updated at regular intervals.
  • Pradot® use the Windows Domain Security features with the Active Directory system and Group Policies management are implemented.
  • An Enterprise-class Firewall deployed in India and United States as well.
  • The India and the United States facilities are connected using the IPSec site-to-site VPN, If required all connections to clients LAN can be connected using the IPSec site-to-site VPN.
  • Data Backups are taken on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

United States

  • Pradot® has set up a state of the art facility with up-to-date technology. The infrastructure on the United States end has been co-located with one of the largest and best facility in Indianapolis (Indiana) which is equipped with redundant Internet, power, Air conditioning, etc….
  • We have two Dictation Servers and each one of them is connected to a Toll Free Network and enables 46 concurrent calls at the same time. Most of Pradot® esteemed customers use this facility for recording the dictations.
  • Pradot® has also set up dedicated and exclusive FTP server enabling secure FTP Connections and a Workflow Server using encrypted data transfer for receiving and delivering the dictations from and to the customers.
  • The Servers in the Data Centre at Indiana are remotely monitored by a dedicated IT Team.
  • An Enterprise-class Firewall deployed ensuring complete security of the data.