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The Spirit of Pradot® is rooted in all that what we believe and practice. Sensitized to customer delight and quality service is what employees follow and preach.


  • It’s all about making customer win. It’s about enabling each resource to deliver his/her best to ensure the end goal is meet.
  • It’s all about continuous innovation, learning, enhancing and exceeding the limits.
  • It’s about working together to create synergy.

I win when my TEAM wins – my team wins Pradot® wins – Pradot® wins CUnited StatesTOMER wins…!!

RESPECT for Individuals and skills

  • Respect for Individuals is nothing but creating an atmosphere where employee feels respected, trusted and realizes his/her potential.
  • We trust each and every resource with us is meaningful and capable to meet the end goal.
  • Respect each individual as they possess enough skills to attain organizational goal and contribute to the success of business.
  • We are responsible for individual learning, skill enhancement and Growth.
  • We create an environment individual feels the growth of individual is reflection of Organizational GROWTH.


RESPECT for Individuals and skills


INTEGRITY – No compromise

INTEGRITY – No compromise

  • Integrity is being ethical, loyal to guidelines, and a confidence to stand by our convictions.
  • There is no compromise – we will act and establish the foremost standards of ensure honesty and fairness.
  • It’s not the list of do’s and don’ts – It’s a direction to practice and deliver.

EQUAL Opportunities for ALL


  • While hiring we do not regard race, colour, religion, age, sex, marital status, physical or mental disability, medical condition, socio-economic background.
  • All the Job descriptions and specifications for open posts will include only requirements that are necessary and justifiable for the effective performance of the job.
  • All selection procedures will be thorough, conducted against defined criteria and will deal only with the applicant’s suitability for the job.
  • Applicants may contact location HR team for any assistance during the recruitment process in case of any disadvantage faced due to any reason.

Process Training

  • Pradot’s employees are given opportunities to be trained on appropriate process regardless of sex, race, marital status, socio-economic background, disability, age or religion.
  • All employees will be encouraged to discuss their career prospects and training needs with their Manager/Supervisor or the HR Department.


EQUAL Opportunities for ALL