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Get all of the tools you need to deliver better patient care from managing patient flow to ePriscribing with our EHR solutions. We offer a wide range of Meaningful Use certified EHR platforms that features patient engagement and clinical reporting tools that allow you to drive better patient outcome.

We can help you with all sorts of EHR implementation, Integration and Training.

Transitioning to an electronic medical record system is a top priority for HealthCare Organizations because it provides doctors and employees with the necessary tools to enhance the quality and safety of the medical care they deliver to patients. An EMR Tool provides a complete picture of a patient’s medical history. Doctors and caregivers can refer all of a patient’s vital statistics, test results, medications, allergies and prior health conditions — regardless of where the information was collected with the organization.

Pradot® offers a simple and user-friendly solution for Electronic Medical Records that contain the following features:

  • Web based
    1. Electronic Medical Records and
    2. Clinic Automation System
  • Full Service System – You use it, we keep it running
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Enhances Provider efficiency and Patient care
  • Comprehensive Treatment and Patient education material included
  • Complete Billing cycle – enables seamless claims processing
  • Links multi-location clinics
  • Image archiving
  • Graphs of laboratory data and Patient Vital Signs
  • Reminders and alerts for needed patient care
  • Superbills and Daysheets
  • Detailed Practice and Capitation Analysis
  • Electronic Service requests for Procedures, Lab Results, and other services ensures accuracy
  • Online results from investigations as soon as tests are complete
  • Electronic Prescription Capture
  • Automated pharmacy dispensation and stock monitoring
  • Financial Analysis reports